“I got the pedal on Tuesday bro. And I have to say that, its shit….THE SHIT!!, haha. It’s freaking awesome bro. Sounds killer. Really impressed.”

Nigel Regan – The firehorsefx fuzzkill70, who says good things don’t come in small packages. Don’t be decieved by the size of this Kiwi made fuzzbox as it packs a hell of a wallop. Turn it on with the fuzz about half way and you have yourself a graunching Stooges/MC5 sound and crank it right up and you have the sweet fuzzed out tonality reminiscent of Edwyn Collins ‘Never Met a Girl Lke You Before’ meets Paul Leary from The Butthole Surfers. The compact size means it fits easily into any pedal board making the firehorsefx fuzzkill70 a must for any guitarist.

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