fuzzkill70 fuzz pedal

The sound of 1970 stooges in a micro box of fuzz. Old school vintage fuzz tone. The fuzzkill70 is the sound of garage rock. Based on the classic Mosrite Fuzzrite.

The Firehorse Fuzzkill70, who says good things don’t come in small packages. Don’t  be decieved by the size of this Kiwi made fuzzbox as it packs a hell of a wallop. Turn it on with the fuzz about half way and you have yourself a graunching Stooges/MC5 sound and crank it right up and you have the sweet fuzzed out tonality reminiscent of Edwyn Collins ‘Never Met a Girl Lke You Before’ meets Paul Leary from The Butthole Surfers. The compact size means it fits easily into any pedal board making the firehorsefx fuzzkill70 a must for any guitarist. – Nigel Regan, Head Like A Hole.