backlash loop pedalThe backlash is a true bypass loop/feedback pedal. It can make any pedal true bypass or turn multiple pedals on/off at the same time with the option to add feedback to the mix.

The backlash is a passive pedal – power is required only for the LEDs.

Loop – True Bypass
Bypass pedals can be used to keep noisy pedals out of your signal chain. They allow you to turn on (or off) several effects at once. Put your effect(s) in the true bypass Loop as normal (send/return). With the left switch turned on the loop is active and you will hear your normal effect(s).

The right switch makes the feedback loop active. The feedback of the backlash is designed to send the output signal back to the loop’s input. This can produce interesting results ranging from oscillating, growling, chirping sounds, to flat out noise, to nothing. It all depends on the pedals you choose to loop. The key to using feedback is experimentation. Some pedals produce great results while some have little to no effect at all. Try various combinations of pedals. Your pickups and pickup selector position as well as your volume and tone controls also have a great effect on the sound produced.

Note: This is not a recording loop pedal.